Blumies is the first NFT collection created by the group of people with a goal to go beyond what's known by adding multiple innovative outstanding features and give confidence in the Blumies long-term run.
Each "Blumie" character represents a person, unique in his nature, who is trying to find success in life. All sorts of attributes make each character unique and help understand their personality - there are no two alike. Each Blumie has it's own purpose and way to express itself in this world.
Those who look after their “Blumie” will have access to over 10 core utilities which are being rolled out over 4 phases of our roadmap, this includes giveaways, airdrops, private lessons, royalties, merch, mystery events and many more.
Blumies Team does not have the goal of enriching itself on people who will become part of a large community with common goals and interests.
The Journey Never Ends...
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