2️⃣Private lessons

Our team consists out of members that have thousands of hours of experience in such fields as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Art Creation. In total that would be over 10,000+ for every field listed above. Learning about everything you need may seem hard and time consuming, that's why Blumies Holders will be able to ask us directly for help and we'll provide you with necessary information and help needed.

We offer weekly private lessons exclusively to Blumies Holders covering topics above, giving out tips which helped us establish ourselves, as well as providing latest information about the Cronos Chain, including many collections/their updates and upcoming events and much more beyond that!

Private lessons main goal is to give Blumies Holders confidence in what they are doing and preventing from making mistakes. We will never encourage you to do any actions such as: investing or purchasing certain products outside Blumies Team; publishing false information in order to gain attention; advising to perform any action which may result in your funds/investment loss.

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