Our goals

Blumies Team main goal is to create a healthy, strong and friendly community, which will help each other to fulfill themselves and improve the quality of their lives and their mental state. We are here to bring the value to Blumies holders as possible through real and virtual world utilities. Such major implements as creating a game, creating your own NFT marketplace or your own land metaverse requires a huge team and enormous funding in case the team wants to deliver a very high quality product so all members would be able to enjoy it. That's why such goals listed in this paragraph aren't our main focus but may be something to be seen in the long-term, but not in the current roadmap. We are concentrated on what we already are good at and can assure to deliver high quality products in those directions at the moment.
The team is preparing private art and NFT space lessons with special perks, which will be useful for both beginners in the field of NFT and advanced users. For some, this will help increase their material quality of life, others will discover a new area that is limitless in terms of development.
There is overwhelmingly much information outside there which is inconvenient for users to select and analyze. Our lessons and useful tips are proven ways to start developing in the field of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Evidence for this are thousands of hours of experience and financial success. We want everyone to enjoy it and grow with us on the way. Blumies isn't just an NFT collection - it's a family.